Sisters of the North Charity – Annual General Meeting

SLF Lawyers who contribute to running and operation of the Cloncurry Sisters of the North Charity hosted the charity’s AGM on Friday at its Brisbane offices.The Charity’s committee members had travelled to Brisbane for the event of which some travelled more than 2000 km to be there.

The special purpose charity, specifically incorporated to assist with donations from across Australia after the heart breaking Cloncurry floods of February 2019 in which 750,000 cattle were lost and of which many livelihoods of the region were affected directly or indirectly.

The charity will soon be wound up as all monies, specifically designed to be invested into the six affected North West shires, have been re-invested into the local communities by either purchases by shire residents in their local areas or the support of community events for the well-being of its residents.

The unique distribution of funds is key to the Sisters’ delivery, which is performed by QR codes in which a live voucher system is utilised by recipients residents to purchase only from participating businesses. This avoids the misuse of cash if it was provided, tracks where the monies are spent (per shire) and the object that the donated monies are spent within the affected areas for the purposes of the charity.

Special mention must go to Ms Susan Dowling, secretary of SOTN whom is a finalist of the Queensland Rural Regional Remote Women Network Strong (QRRRWN) Women in Leadership Award – in the category QRRRWN Woman of the Year Award. Susan was one of 10 Nominees that has been further reduced to 4 Finalists.

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